5 Website TIPS TO HELP YOUR Podcast Bring You Business

1. An Easy and Obvious Way to Contact You.

How many times have you been on a website, where all you've wanted to do was get in touch with them, so you can buy what they sell?

When you're in that state of mind, you haven't got time for the sales stuff!

Your friend Mike already told you that you need this thing, you trust him and think he has exquisite taste.

You just want to book that class or buy that bag.

Most of your business should (and probably does), come via referral.

So... it stands to reason if an existing customer or fan has sent someone to your website, and they've bothered to show up... they are already hot for what you've got.

It's essential you make it easy for people to get directly in touch with you.

If you already have a website, how long does it take for someone to get in touch?

After all, that’s what this whole thing is about, yes?

2. A clear benefit-driven headline

This is the statement at the top of the page that tells people what they can get as a result of working with you. DO NOT waste space at the top of your website on a name or company name no one knows. You are not Madonna or Nike. If you are ignore that and call me. I’m available.

3. Be Congruent

If you have a podcast - make sure people can see very easily that your website relates to your podcast.

Feature your podcast on the page and use the same fonts and design as you are using for your podcast logo.

It doesn’t hurt to own the domain name of your podcast if you can. If the domain name isn’t available… my tip is to put the word ‘POD’ at the end of your domain. For example Marc Maron does this with wtfpod.com.

4. A High Value Freebie

A freebie, otherwise known as a lead magnet is good old fashioned permission based marketing. Thank you Seth Godin. You give them something of high value. They give you their name and email address, thus giving you permission to communicate with them. Your lead magnet does not have to be complicated. It could be a free guide or video. Do not make the mistake of creating a lead magnet that takes any more than 5 minutes to read or watch. Just because the thing is free, you should be respectful of the fact it is costing them TIME! And as you know… this is your most valuable commodity. We can all make more money. Cool?

5. Left and Right Brained Value Statements

Shouting about what you’ve done for paragraphs at a time isn’t a great idea, yet it’s absolutely essential to show credibility through value statements.

You should be using two ways to show results making sure you're hitting the left and the right-brained people where they live!

1. Emotional/feelings 😃

2. Statistical/evidence 📝

  • Emotional

“Our coffee will help you feel great and give you the morning buzz you need to have the best start your day”.

  • Statistical

“173 of our customers told us they experienced an average 34% increase on day to day productivity”.

You can also use testimonials and case studies.

What are your value statements?

FACT: Good website design does not have to cost the earth.

Do NOT let time or money get in the way of having a site that will help you acquire customers.

When you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help you further:

• Plan, position and start your podcast
• Review your existing website
• Build your website