Attention Technophobes!

Discover How to Build A Website You Can Be Proud of in Just One Day

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Website In A Day Workshops In WD3
Finally get your business venture off the ground.
Get rid of your embarrassing website and build a shiny new one.
Take full control of your website and all future updates with an authorised Squarespace web training day.

In 2009 my business partner and I were convinced to upgrade our website.

We took out a £12,000 loan and paid out for graphic design, SEO, a website build, and dozens of special plugins (I still to this day, have no-idea what they did or why we needed them).

Even with all the money invested, it took over 6 months to build and when it did go live, it was worse that the old site we had. The site took ages to load and we lost enquries.

We were locked out of our website and locked in to spending more money with this “expert”.

In order to keep the wolf from the door, I learned how to build a site myself. Not exactly ideal, but they say… everything happens for a reason.

I discovered Squarespace and found how easy is was to build a site I had comple control over without having to take a second mortgage to maintain.

Since 2009, I have worked on almost 50 websitses for freelancers and business owners including, carers, coaches, choreographers, lawyers, musicians, teachers, therapists, podcasters...

Having discovered how to work from home for the last 5 years, I have built my work community almost entirely online.

But as a father of young children, and someone who actually likes being in the company of others, I’ve decided to offer workshops for local freelancers, business owners and start-ups who want to get online.These workshops run at less than 25% of what I charge for a build. Squarespace recently awarded me authorised trainer status. With a teaching background, starting workshops seems a no-brainer.

So, if you're looking for a way to launch your new business or upgrade your old one, without commiting to long term contracts with web pros who talk in code... this workshop is perfect for you.

✔ Have complete ownership of your website

✔ Full control of your website content

✔ Learn in a jargon-free environment

✔ Meet and network with people like you

✔ Hit the ground running with pre-event work sheets

Do I have to go live on the day?

❌ No. Once you have attended the workshop, you’ll be in total control of your website and can choose to go live any time during the next 5 months.
Although it’s entirely possible you can be up and running on the day.

I’m on Social Media, do I really still need a website?

✅ Yes. Social media is a disruption and interruption. No-one is on Facebook, looking to buy. Even if you take advantage of business pages, your potential customers will easily be distracted by a new notification.
As the owner of a website, it’s your job to move your ‘would be’ customers away from the notifications and towards your website - where you have total control of what they see on the screen.

Is Squarespace a ‘starter’ website?

❌ NO! Last year, I built a site from scratch for a start-up that ended up being a key asset, attracting investment and a valuation of over £1 million… All, in less than 9 months. You'll be learning to build your site on exactly the same platform that can help you to sell physical products, digital products and services quickley and easily.

Will my new website help me with my business?

✅ Yes! Your website is your shop window. In this day an age, first impressions are often made long before people meet in person! Your site will look great on mobile and during the day (should you wish) I’ll help you with crafting your offer, so that you attract the customers you want, and less of the ones you don’t!

Your new site will also have the capacity to…

Track where your visitors are from and what your visitors are looking at, so you can refine as you go.
Sell on recurring subscription
Create membership areas

What about my old website?

So long as you own your website domain name, you will be able to transfer it over to the new website. You’ll normally need to wait for 72 hours once you have transferred it but I’ll be on hand to give your clear guidance on how to do this without risking what you already have.

If Squarespace is so easy to use, why don’t I just do it alone?

  1. If you’re more of a left brained analytical type, you’ll probably find the platform easy to use and build on but may struggle with the flow of content. I will help you navigate the tech fast and get you moving on the words, pictures and videos on the site.

  2. If you’re more right brained, you may find the tech aspects hinder your ability to get online. I’ll help you overcome those, show you the quirks of the platform without blinding you with science. I’ll work with you to get everything set up and get your ideas in order so you get get online!

  3. Avoid procrastination! If you book a session with a guaranteed result, you’ll get a website at the end of it.

Who are you and do you know what you’re doing?

Fair question…

Hi I’m Toby,

I’m a pro musician turned marketing and podcast coach. 

Throughout my career, I’ve shared the stage some of the worlds most famous musicians and I’ve worked in over 25 different countries. 

I’ve also taught and written on degree programs. 

These days, I work mainly from home so I can be with my family.

Having worked on various websites for my own business and for others, I’ve come to the conclusion that Squarespace is the best platform for anyone running a business on their own or with a small team.

My music and marketing career has always been about ensuring creative leaders and performers are performing at their best, in the exact moment it matters most.

The build-in-a-day workshops are designed to get you to a place where you can publish and create your own content. Fast. After all ideas has no value, when it’s stuck in our heads.

Of course we won’t be able to take advantage of every single feature squarespace has to offer, but my promise, is that you will leave with a website, ready to go live.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

To build a website, you’ll need to bring your own laptop PC or Mac. It needs to have wifi and be reliable!
Passwords to any social media accounts you want to connect on the day (I don’t need to see these, ever).
Any photographs or logos on your computer ready for me to show you how to import into your website. If you don’t have images, do not fear - I’ll show you how to get and make some.

What skills do I need?

If you’re comfortable navigating other websites, typing emails and sending attachments, I can help you build a website.

What exactly can I expect?

Join up to 3 more people in a room with laptops and me
Have clarity on how to build your own website
Get exclusive 6 month build time through my status as a squarespace trainer and circle member
Get a discount on your domain and subscription for your first year

Before the day…

You’ll get a 30 minute phone or Skype call where I will discover more about the goals you have for your website and business.

I’ll then prepare your website template, ready for you to get stuck in, on the training day.

A few basic tips and worksheets emailed to you to help set you up for maximum productivity on the day of the workshop.

On the day training you will…

✔ Map out your website

✔ Create your design pallet

✔ Design a killer homepage

✔ Create your ‘about’ page

✔ Connect your contact page to your email address

✔ Have skills to duplicate and create new web pages

✔ Discover how to blog from your site and connect your social media profiles

By the end of our day you'll have a 1-10 page website you'll know how to update, maintain, and control yourself and met more people in your local area, in business

After the day

✔ Get a cheat sheet with all my favourite free online tools (that will save you time and money) for you to integrate into your new site

✔ Save 20% on your first year of Squarespace website hosting

✔ Have access to exclusive rates on future workshops and 1-2-1 marketing coaching (available on application)

Website Workshop Days: £499

MAX: 4 Participants
Location: Croxley Green
Times: Weekdays 9:30am-2:30pm


As a Squarespace Authorised Trainer, I offer one-on-one trainings either in person (Watford area) or online through video screen share.

At the workshop you’ll learn how to add text, background images, video, blogs, and even basic SEO tips and tricks to jumpstart your business' online presence!

Small print / terms.

The workshop fee is for instruction via Squarespace’s extended free trial (exclusive to me as an approved authorised trainer).
You may not film or take photographs at any point during the workshop.
I’m not responsible for any content you create or delete on the website.
If there is a technical problem at the venue (no internet), you’ll get a full refund.
You must bring a working laptop computer to the workshop. Tablets (no matter how great) are not appropriate.
You must be over 18 to attend.
To go live you must invest in a Squarespace subscription suitable for your needs.
You are responsible for maintaining and updating all subscriptions.
You are responsible for storing all passwords and content.

The cost of website hosting/personal is not included. 
• If you would like to keep your website, you’ll save up to 20% on hosting when you set up with me.
As a Squarespace Circle member, I’ll pass on my discount of a Squarespace hosting when you choose annual billing. In order to take advantage of all of the benefits Squarespace has to offer, I recommend you choose the business level subscription. Pay Annually (right now it’s £144 plus applicable taxes).

If you already own a website domain name, I’ll be able to give you tips to transfer it over, but you should be aware that domain transfers can take up to 72 hours to transfer over to your new site.
If you don’t already have your website domain name ( I’ll help you buy one on the day. You should account for around £20 per domain per year.