• Are you locked out of your own website?
• Are you loosing opportunities waiting on ‘web professionals’ to respond to your needs?
• Are basic text and image changes costing your money?

If you have a website but feel it doesn’t represent who you really are, you’re not alone.
While having a website is better than not having a website, the fast pace of our lives means most are out of date.

The real issue is, most website owners do not know how to quickly change their own websites.
For too long, we’ve been led to believe that only the tech geeks are able to go into the mainframe and change things.
The truth is, unless you are able to quickly change and update your website, it can fast become a source of professional embarrassment.

3 years ago a business partner and I took out a loan for £13,000 for a new website. It took over 6 months to go live and when it did, the homepage took 16 seconds to load and completely stopped our lead flow and almost killed us.

The only thing we could do was sit back and watch while our professional website guy pointed blame and took us to ransom asking for more money.

At the time I had already built a Squarespace website and knew I didn’t need to have any complex software and coding skills to get something that looked decent and was reliable in a short space of time.

What I didn’t realise was Squarespace is a serious business tool, it integrates with all sorts of useful online tools like mailchimp and once set up, it’s as easy to update as your Facebook page.

How would your working life change if you were able to quickly update the text, images and even videos on your website, without waiting for you’re website company to make changes and paying for each time they are made.

Your website is your number one marketing asset. Unlike you it’s awake 24/7 and should be able to capture leads and nurture you’re prospects.

If you’re frustrated with the time it takes to change anything on your website?

I’ll help you transfer the entire content of your website onto a platform you can edit quickly.

I can rebuild your entire website in Squarespace. You have full access and full ownership and you’ll know how to use it from day one.

As an authorised squarespace trainer I can build you a site that:

✔ Looks great and renders perfectly on all devices (remember around 90% of first visits to your site are in mobile).

✔ You have complete control over and ownership of

✔ Can be set up to share content automatically to all your social media channels

✔ Has landing pages tailored to each prospect or client

✔ Has hidden landing pages set up for campaigns included automated