Keep In Touch With Your Listeners (and clients) Every Week... without annoying them

So many podcasters and business owners work too hard looking for new clients and forget to retain and impress existing ones.
As a podcaster… you have the perfect reason to get in touch and delight.
Send emails that:
1. Create excitement and anticipation before they are opened
2. Deliver joy while they are being read
3. Leave a pleasant aftertaste

Now check the video ⤵️ Then download the sample below 📝

01 Why Are You Podcasting?

Starting a podcast isn’t easy. Here’s where you should focus at the start.

  1. Be honest about where you are now

  2. Be prepared to play the long game

  3. Remember Podcasting is a GIVE and make 2 lists of people you’d like to speak with.
    a) Clients
    b) Friends in high places

  4. Let them speak

  5. Help them share the podcast because other people talking about your podcast is always better than you talking about your podcast