Win clients With this killer tactic

  1. Duplicate the ‘Prospect Template Page’

  2. Click the cog and rename the URL to clients name

  3. Use the ‘Page Description’ Section for name / result

  4. Click the media tab to search for emotive image

  5. Click to edit page content.

  6. Upload your video

  7. Check everything works

  8. Enable the page

  9. Check again

  10. Send client email with link to the page

How To Schedule / Add Podcasts to Your Website

  1. Go to Podcast in the ‘not linked’ section of your site

  2. Go to already published solo or guest episode post in left hand column

  3. Click Duplicate button at bottom of the post

  4. Replace episode number and title

  5. Delete and replace show notes and guest bio

  6. Change Image (guest only)

  7. Copy code from Kate’s show notes sheet

  8. Paste show code into code block

  9. Schedule publication date / time (5am US)

  10. Click Options tab

  11. Paste show notes into ‘excerpt’ section

  12. Change image if required