Hi Lyric.
Thanks for your time today.
The following is based on you getting started on May 1st.
I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

I will help you

  1. Reconnect with your past clients

  2. Choose your next 90 day avatar

  3. Plan and script your podcast

  4. Create your first clear lead magnet offer

  5. Feedback comprehensive review of your assets to date

  6. Put your process into context with accountability

Plan your podcast

Define your show type.

Plan weekly content.

Give through podcasting. Reach out to your network and people you want in your network by leading with the giving hand. Done properly, you’ll find your quickest financial wins here.

Your Lead Magnet

A good lead magnet will drive traffic from your podcast to your website with a clear no risk offer.

You don’t need complicated downloads and expensive software to create automated emails that add the essential ‘know, like and trust’ factor you need to create amongst your people. More on how this works further down…

Refine Your Offer

Give them what they want!

Once you have started communicating with your audiences
I’ll work with you to create and test various offers. Live events, products and ultimately membership communities…

🌾 Podcasting = Farming NOT Hunting

How Podcasting works for you and new listeners

Using the automated email, you can send messages to people who want to hear from you, when they want to hear from you.

Lets say people listen to your podcast at 3am on a Wednesday morning and need more Lyric in their life, they’ll be able to instantly get your freebie.

This means you get to nurture your listeners through quality education in your sleep.

Cold ➡ Warm 🛁

🎧 They Listen 👩‍💻 They go to your website 🎁 They give their email for your free gift

Result: You have permission to communicate with them

Warm ➡ Hot 🔥

📩 They are kept updated with new podcast episodes and other news. 💌 They love what you send 😍They are happy to get offers.

You can also offer ‘content upgrades’ - a simple free gift, might be a transcript of your podcast.
Kate is already set up to help you here.

Result: You build trust and authority through nurture.

Hot ➡ “Shut-up And Take My Money” 💰

Every time you put an offer out, a % of your list of fans will be ready to buy. From $50 info products to live events, to recurring subscription. You can test what works over time.

Your investment with me

Having worked with a number of people and businesses in the US - I have found the fastest and most economical way to send money is through a company called Transferwise.

£3000GBP on or before May 1st. I have limited availability so you’ll need to move fast if you want to secure this rate. This isn’t a discount, but my prices will go up.

Your time! Up to 2 hours twice a month on Skype or Zoom.
You also need to invest a minimum of 4 hours a month implementing the strategies and tactics.

You should also note that right now, the £ is at a record low against the $, so there’s never been a better time to invest in a brit!

Podcast production investment

$1200 for the 10 show launch package

✔ Professional VO for intro and outro/music/hosting platform setup and distribution
✔ Scripting intro and outro and show description
✔ Apple/Google/Spotify etc..submission
✔ Slack channel
✔ Dropbox storage and archive management
✔ Production calendar
✔ Stat tracking
✔ Alexa skill
✔ Show notes for your blog and other text marketing
✔ Introductions to other podcasters in your nitch
✔ The chance to be featured in the podcast networks feed

Ongoing monthly is $575 for 1 show per month

You’ll get

💻 2x Skype meeting calls per month - these typically last around 1-1.5 hours

📱 A private Slack channel with a tried and tested focus sheet system

🎬 Access to my online membership videos, so you can keep momentum between calls

🔄 I’ll also work alongside the podcast network to ensure congruency and max benefit

Check out my what Mark said about me here


Ready To Get Started?

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