I’m Getting Ready To Start My Podcast

It’s great you already know the power of podcasting. I’m a big fan too.
Without podcasts I wouldn’t be the ‘renaissance man’ I am today. (Joke).

The Truth ⬇

• Great podcasts are powerful business and marketing tools.

• Most podcasters don’t get that - so just like YouTube channels and websites, most are pointless vanity projects.

• Great podcasts need time and effort to plan.

• Most podcasts die after around 12 episodes (the industry term is ‘podfade’).

Still serious about starting a podcast for your business?
Check this list out before you hit record

You’ll need…

  1. A mobile ready website that points to your podcast - your podcast should also point to your website

  2. A free giveaway to encourage people to sign up - so you can get to know your listeners

  3. At least one congruent offer

  4. A well thought out content plan

  5. Time and maybe people, if you don’t like or don’t have time to record

  6. Decent gear to record with

  7. A killer production team with capacity

⬆ Yes of course I can help you will all those things