Thanks for your time on Zoom today. Chorleywood! 🤣

I’ve been helping people perform in the exact moment it matters for over 20 years and I’ve been transferring those skills to help business people like you succeed for the last five.

Below, you’ll see a video, it adds the human touch! Specifically I talk about, how I can start to help you refine and improve your message, online marketing and the positioning of ‘The Unwritten Rules’ and if you want… your podcast. You’re doing one right?

I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Toby (from Croxley)


Phase 1 | A new home for all things Helen!

Website Build & Course Framework PLUS Podcast Launch Strategy!

In the following 3 months I will

🏡 Build / rebuild your website including putting a framework together for your course.
That means, once you have your assets (videos, worksheets etc), your site will be in a place where you’ll be able to drag and drop content. I will coach you though your value proposition and help with the video creation stuff.

📝 Create sign up forms and clear call to action buttons, so that you can start to build your list. Your site must be useful to your ideal prospects.

👨🏻‍🏫 Show you how to put pages together like this, for high value prospects.

💰 Help you set up commerce, so you can take payments via your site, including recurring payments. Perfect for the $2k course.

🎤 Help you plan and position your podcast and connect you with the same podcast company Mark uses.

👐 3 Skype / Zoom calls per month + Slack support.


Podcast for instant authority

You speak well and you know what you’re talking about. You should have a podcast. If you want to start in the next 3 months I’ll also make it easy for you. I’ll help you…

  1. Buy the right gear

  2. Set it up

  3. Create the right calls to action on your podcast and website so that you can grow the most qualified prospect list possible

  4. Add the podcast to your website

  5. Create a lead magnet

  6. Use your network to create leverage


Your investment

Having worked with a number of people and businesses in the US - I have found the fastest and most economical way to send money is through a company called Transferwise.

Payment of £5000 on or before May 6th, 2019

Your time! Youll need to invest a minimum of 4 hours a month working ON not IN!
You’re a coach. you know how this works!

If you want to continue working with me in August it’s £3000 per quarter.

Here’s what Mark said before the end of our first cycle…


Additional requirements

Please note, my invoices do not include the following: 

1. Squarespace website subscription is currently $172.80USD for the year with my discount.
I’ll send you the link when we’re ready to go live. Once your course is live, you may need to invest in a higher tariff. The most you’ll pay a year is $480, but you probably won’t need that.

2, Membership. I use a service called Memberspace. It creates a private membership area where clients can access your course. $25-100 per month. We can also set content to drip feed, so once they join, content will be released automatically.
If you want to create a system where users can track and mark progress, we’ll need to use a different system. I’ll help you choose the right one. This is not a now thing.

3. Private community system. You can run private groups on Facebook or Slack and I’ll give you or your VA templates to get started. This means you can be all over social media with needing to be anywhere near it yourself.

4. Vimeo plus subscription around $7 per month. This makes videos you publish private to your website.

5. Maintaining or paying for your domain, you already pay for this - I just need to redirect your old site to the new site and will need the passwords to whoever you host with. I’ll ask you when it’s time.

6. Buying podcast gear. I ballpark $300, assuming your computer is less than 4 years old.

7. Podcast production services… $1500 to launch with your batch of 10 and $500 per month ongoing.


• You will be responsible for… 

  • Maintaining the payments of Squarespace and your host

  • Any loss of data on the site (accidentally deleting things once you have control) 

  • Saving any text / media on your current website.

  • Cancelling any previous website subscriptions if applicable, after the new site has gone live.

  • Keeping a file of any important info / passwords / copy / images on your computer.

Please also note: I am not responsible for any changes you make that affect your website or other applications (Slack / Mail-chimp) - Though I have never had an issue and the precise reason I have chosen to build over 15 websites on squarespace over the last 5 years is because of this.

Recap on phase 1 deliverables

🖥 A new website mapped out and built, help with copy - complete ownership and control

💻 3x Skype meeting calls per month - these typically last around 1-1.5 hours

📱 A private Slack channel for comms

🎬 Access to plain english videos, so you can keep momentum between calls - you can also use these to delegate tasks

👨🏻‍🏫 Introduction to my network of clients and contacts. I’ll always make introductions. I’m nice like that

🔄 When you’re ready, I’ll also work alongside the podcast production company to ensure congruency at all times

Ready To Get Started?

Questions? Email me direct on tobygoodman@me.com