STEP ONE: Set-Up & Support

Group training day for marketing teams

In person meet up for Guild members.

Content planning advise
Use our expertise to plan and record your podcast content.

Technical set-up support
Get the right gear for your office and out on locations in community.

Record your podcasts
Go out into your community and record.

Step TWO:


Up to 60 mins of raw audio per show.
What does that mean?

Launch Package - 10 shows included

Why 10 show launch?

Launch with one and you’re just a raindrop in an ocean!
Entering the podcast arena with 10 shows, floods the market with content and search engines love this.


🎤 10 shows fully produced

The files of recordings you’ve sent are mixed into broadcast quality shows.
Content is NOT KING
Quality + Content is King.


🎤 Secure content management

Get the same level as security that national radio shows get.
Dropbox storage, management and archive management.
Our team has in-house storage and your assets will be kept safe even if your computers are stolen breakdown.


🎤 Have a clear colour coded visual record of your show

With a production calendar you’ll know exactly where you are with status of the show. Your team will have quick access to show data in one place. Links to post on social media, email blasts plus, quotes…
You’ll also be able to immediately share content with your guests who will promote to their lists.


🎤 Your Podcast show on all major platforms

When you podcast with us, there is nowhere your show won’t be! iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, Radiopod, Google Play Music, Amazon Alexa to name just a few…


🎤 Professional Voice Overs for intro and outros

Just like the theme from a well-known tv show or an audio trade mark like the ‘intel inside’.
These are the audio ident logos that brand your show.


🎤 Have unlimited access to audio clip library

We’ll help you pick your intro and outro music.
You’ll also be able to have free access to music to accompany your commercials.


Secure your region
Get exclusive podcast production services for your region.


Have one episode fully produced every week. up to 60 mins raw audio content.

🎤 A consistent quality sound to support your brand across every show. Minute-to-minute editing removes ah’s um’s, lost trains of thought, background noise, even bleeping out words. This mean that your show gets fully assembled by a professional audio editing, mastering and mixing engineering geek.


🎤 Show Notes the internet loves!

Including: Text is indexed by search engines.
A paragraph description of the show, profiles of your guests, links to resources that are mentioned, links to links to offers. The key points to your podcasts
content that is sharable and easily repurposed by you and your marketing team.
A.I TRANSCRIPT for your team to scrape use as core text content.
A typical one hour podcast will contain 9000 words.


🎤 Set it and forget it production

Record your show, load it to our portal, add the title in our shared spreadsheet with any notes you may have.


🎤 Have up to 10 commercials per year professionally voiced, mixed and mastered with music

With unlimited access to our audio clip library, we’ll help you pick the perfect sound and music to accompany your commercials and get your message across.


🎤 Get the important stats

Measurable marketing. Get access to download numbers to understand where in the country/world your show is performing best.
You’ll also discover what style of show is performing best. eg: Interview styles vs. talking head.


🎤 Show Loading

Your show gets loaded to where it needs to be for your listener to access, from iTunes, Andriod, and your webpage. This includes your final audio file and also the show artwork, individual episode artwork and show notes.


🎤 Slack Channel

Easy email free access to your production team from your smartphone or computer.


🎤 Amazon Alexa Ready

Your show will play on request over Amazon Alexa, Alexa Dot and Echo smart speakers with a voice command!

With the Alexa skill build you’ll also have access to stats so you’ll know how many of your listeners are taking advantage of this growing trend of voice recognition tech!

It takes a good year to get traction - Podcasting is a marathon not a sprint and unlike your local newspaper or sponsored event, you are creating evergreen content that increases in value each day.

Your Investment

On-boarding and setup:
• 10 Episode launch £2997

Ongoing weekly episodes for month 2:
• £999 per month minimum of 11 month contract
All prices are subject to vat