If you want your podcast to generate some business, you should make sure you have a website to showcase it.

While I believe podcasting done well is the best marketing tool for small to medium-sized business on a budget, you should be clear about one thing podcasts will not do for you.

No matter how many listens you get, podcasts will not automatically let you know who is listening.

There are specific tactics I teach my clients to help them build a list from their podcast, but suffice to say, 99% of the time acquiring money from people will require a website at some point in the (trying not to puke as I write this) ‘Customer Journey’!

A good podcast will make your listeners feel like they really know you. But the reality is, once you have more than 150 listeners, there really won’t be enough hours in your day to get to know them.

However, when they get through the gates of ‘Know, Like’ Trust’ or ‘Know’, ‘Love’, Trust’ as Chris Ducker calls it... You need a mechanism to help them buy what you’re selling. That mechanism is something you may have heard of.

It’s called... a website.

By all means, use social media to promote and share your podcast (more specifics on this another day) but remember… once you have people on your website, they are much more likely to buy than they are if they are interrupted by pictures of newborns and food on social media feeds.

So what's next?

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