Authenticity vs. Hard Work.. Or is there another way?

A great number of social media gurus the people around talk constantly about authenticity.

You know, the kind that talk about ‘stepping into your own truth’ etc… 🤢

Behind the scenes credible experts like Seth Godin and Todd Herman are talking about how authenticity is overrated.

Of course it’s important to be authentic and true to yourself.

Especially when you’re making big life decisions.

That is very important, because if you’re not, then you’ll be desperately unhappy.

However recently Seth Godin spoke with Tim Ferriss about how he thinks authenticity is overrated, because it is driven by feelings alone.

An example he gave was of a surgeon halfway through surgery deciding, ‘Maybe I don’t really fancy finishing his brain surgery today’!

The point? We don’t want our surgeons to be authentic. We want them to show up and be professionals.

Not every day do we feel like doing the work, but this is what get results.

I’ll get your marketing to show up every single day, without you needing to be there.

I’ll help you remove emotion of the day to day effort, because of the automated software and and tools that we can harness.

That’s really exciting, because it stops you from being overwhelmed and stressed about the jigsaw of business and life.

When you’re ready to do the work - I’m ready to help you.