If your prospects and customers aren’t listening to you…

I’ll help you get your voice heard

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Hi, I’m Toby and over the last 5 years I’ve helped my clients to

💻 Create beautiful looking useful websites they have 100% control over

🎧 Produce podcasts that bring in leads and business opportunities

👩‍💻 Free up valuable time by training and delegating to virtual assistants

👨‍🎓 Build passive income through online subscription membership

💰 Attract investor valuations of over $1,000,000 in less than 9 months


You’re in the right place if you…

✔ Need help with copywriting and sales campaigns

✔ Want to harness online marketing tools

✔ Want a rinse and repeat system for quality ‘content’


Sound good?
Read on

Create Assets.
Get Heard.
Create & Nurture Relationships.
Make Sales.


Finally… a marketing plan putting you in control, generating the results you want… if you’re ready to do the work.

  1. Listen

Listening is your most powerful skill. I’ll show you how to ask your customers the right questions that get the answers you need, so that you can help them.


2. Plan & Create Assets

Your ideas have no value, until you share them.
Just as speaking and listening are cyclical, so is planning and doing. We’ll move quickly from planning to implementation.


3. Stay On Track

A clear plan with clarity and context. With coaching I’ll keep you out of overwhelm and keep you moving forward.


4. Speak Your Marketing

Podcasting Is your ultimate way to nurture relationships, increase authority and trust, retain and sell.

Eliminate ‘me too’ marketing with your own podcast and get your ‘content marketing’ done at the same time.

Your final step to having a voice, is speaking.

With exclusive partnerships with established podcast production companies give you THE high quality, listenable marketing asset you need.


Repurpose = magic

My team will transcribe your podcasts into text and help you repurpose the audio ready for print media, social media and even video marketing.


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Testimonials You Can’t Fake


Joanna Martorana | The People’s Coach

I love working with Joanna, she’s a driven, straight talking, grounded, caring business person and human.
I help her automate her business, so she can scale, without giving up every hour of her life.


Kate Astrakhan | Podcast Producer

Kate is a top radio and podcast pro based in the USA. She leads a team of 18 producers who deliver over 1600 podcast episodes each month. I help her with her message. She helps me deliver podcast production to my clients.


Dan Radin | CEO AuxBus (was Podcraft) LLC

I worked with Dan in 2018 as his marketing, web, people person. Specifically helping him with messaging, web strategy, sales tactics. He attracted significant investment as a result!


Mark J. Silverman

I rebuilt Mark’s website and helped him to position his podcast. Now I help him leverage his assets!

Howard Cooper | Rapid Change Works

I met Howard on a tractor ride at a kids birthday party. He told me he had a podcast. In truth, he had some recordings on a hard drive. We worked together and turned those recordings into podcasts, and now Howard is heard regularly, is recognised globally and generates income from events.


James Eager | eBassGuitar.com

I’ve worked with James for a long time as a musician. He came to me for context and a complete solution for a new venture, because he doesn’t have enough hours in the day.
Sound familiar?


Shelley & Rick Coates | Studio 34 Music

Shelley and Rick have successful careers as freelance musicians. Since becoming parents they’ve been searching for the right business idea to focus energy in down time. I helped them create an umbrella website and each of them to focus on one thing they had complete control of.


Who is Toby Goodman and do I need him in my life?

A fair question - I encourage clients to be choosey

I’m a listener, performer, time and tone obsessed, caring pedant.

Not all my clients own a fleet of private jets… yet

Not all my clients own a fleet of private jets… yet

Professionally I have

• Failed at various ventures, learning lots along the way! 

• Been hired to perform with some of the greatest musicians in the world 

• Created a global events company, regularly managing teams of up to 15 in the UK, the EU, the UAE and India

• Developed websites and marketing strategy including producing podcasts for various businesses for 7 years

• Written for and taught at degree and post graduate levels

• Published articles on various aspects of performance/psychology in music print publications

• Worked in over 25 countries among a diverse range of people

Personally I am

• Motivated by family

• Connected to music in a way that is impossible to describe

• Always studying something that I can implement

• A fan of non-alcoholic beer! (judge me if you wish)

• A lover of podcasts. Not a day goes by without having NPR, Radiotopia or Marc Maron podcasts in my ears

• A big fan of travelling. I love the energy of London and the tranquility of Norway. I also lived in Germany for a while

Professionally I am

• A coach and teacher, who helps ambitious performers get things done

• Driven to help people

• A believer that great education can be delivered quickly

• A business marketing consultant and coach

• A drummer and percussionist, inspired to create great feelings on stage, and off it

Right now I’m focussed on

• Helping my amazing clients and growing my business

• Playing music

• Being a Dad