Who is Toby Goodman and do I need him in my life?

A fair question - I encourage clients to be choosey

I’m a listener, performer, time and tone obsessed, caring pedant.

Not all my clients own a fleet of private jets… yet

Not all my clients own a fleet of private jets… yet

Professionally I have

• Failed at various ventures, learning lots along the way! 

• Been hired to perform with some of the greatest musicians in the world 

• Created a global events company, regularly managing teams of up to 15 in the UK, the EU, the UAE and India

• Developed websites and marketing strategy including producing podcasts for various businesses for 7 years

• Written for and taught at degree and post graduate levels

• Published articles on various aspects of performance/psychology in music print publications

• Worked in over 25 countries among a diverse range of people

Personally I am

• Motivated by family

• Connected to music in a way that is impossible to describe

• Always studying something that I can implement

• A fan of non-alcoholic beer! (judge me if you wish)

• A lover of podcasts. Not a day goes by without having NPR, Radiotopia or Marc Maron podcasts in my ears

• A big fan of travelling. I love the energy of London and the tranquility of Norway. I also lived in Germany for a while

Professionally I am

• A coach and teacher, who helps ambitious performers get things done

• Driven to help people

• A believer that great education can be delivered quickly

• A business marketing consultant and coach

• A drummer and percussionist, inspired to create great feelings on stage, and off it

Right now I’m focussed on

• Helping my amazing clients and growing my business

• Playing music

• Being a Dad